How Do You Identify Fake Dianabol Pills Online?

You’ve been using steroids for a very long time and you are happy with the results. However, your last suppliers went belly-up online. As a result, you’ve now to find a new person who you can buy Dianabol from. Now the good news is that you’ve already found several people offering Dianabol for sale but there is a catch. All of them are new and most of them do not have references. You don’t know whether you should buy Dbol. After all, you will be paying online and the product will reach you in about a week. What if you get shipped substandard medication or even adulterated medication?

This is a legitimate concern and you are right to be worried when you are trying to buy D-bol from a new source. But not to worry, we’ve created a short guide by which you will be able to identify and ensure that you have found the right Dbol for sale.

Tip# 1 – Check consistency

Dbol has a classic powdery appearance which appears almost like talcum powder. It is lightweight and quite easy to mix with alcohol. However, while dissolving it seems to swirl around the beaker and this will help you verify its authenticity. Apart fromc consistency and look, you can also try tasting the Dbol. As expected, it tastes quite nasty with a strong chemical aftertaste.

Tip# 2 – Smell

The actual smell seems to be like a vague urine-like or strong ammonia smell. At the same time, some users have reported a clinically-sweet smell to the product. This difference in smell might be due to the distillation and purification differences in the product.

Tip# 3 – Check melting point

This is a classic test done to verify Dbol authenticity before injection. Take about 100mg of the product and place it aside. Check it for visible impurities. Place it on an aluminum foil. Preheat your oven and place the foil in the oven. Dbol melts around  162 C and it also crystallizes at approximately around the same temperature. Make sure your oven is about 10 C cooler than this noted temperature. Use a meat thermometer and make sure that the temperature is around this range. When the temperature reaches this range, authentic or pure Dbol will start to melt out. This will verify its authenticity. Please note that an oven will not have stringent temperature controls. As a result, you may get a 5-10 degree variation in the melting temperature of Dbol but this is still acceptable.

Tip# 4 – Testing

The last and final option left is blood and urine testing. Since you have already purchased the product, you can start by using it in the prescribed cycle and then testing your urine and blood for steroid levels. Most websites sell pre-packaged testing strips that will tell you exactly what kind of steroid you have in your blood and urine. If you don’t want to test your urine and blood yourself, you should consider sending the sample dbol to a local lab for product purity testing. This will be expensive though and product testing costs anywhere from $100 to about $200.

Test # 5 – Results

Irrespective of whether you have tested the product or not, when you use Dbol you will see results in 10-30 days. If you don’t see results, you are probably eating or injecting sugar water.

No matter how and where you get D-bol for sale, you have to check product purity. Always place a small first order. Check the product and its effects and then buy in bulk. If the buyer is a cheat, make sure you post his/her name and other contact details online. This will prevent them from cheating anyone else and of course, it makes you feel better.