Approximately 15 Floridians become infected with HIV every day. We still have much work to do and, to be successful in the fight, we must do it together. Remember, each of us is part of the solution to end this epidemic.

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  • common symptoms
  • facts & myths


A wide range of symptoms is associated with HIV and AIDS. The more Floridians know about the epidemic and its effects, the more we can take advantage of early detection and early care.

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  • abstinence
  • condoms
  • drugs
  • monogamy
  • universal precautions

Safer Sex

Protect yourself from HIV infection. Find out how you can make changes in your lifestyle to reduce your risk.

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  • how hiv tests work
  • importance of testing
  • testing center locations


Knowing your HIV status is an important step in HIV prevention. Learn why, how, and where to get tested. Know your status, know yourself.

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  • breastfeeding info
  • men who have sex with men
  • methods of transmission
  • risk behaviors


Get the facts about how HIV is transmitted. Become more aware of how you might be putting yourself at risk.

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  • links for people with hiv
  • minority aids initiative
  • mother child prevention
  • partnership for health

Prevention for Positives

If you’re HIV-positive, there are steps you can take to prevent spreading the infection to others. Plus, you can access needed care to help you manage your own health.