Community involvement is an important part of HIV prevention. When we invest time into the places where we live, we create a valuable support system for ourselves and others. Be a part of your community's efforts to improve quality of life for those living there; make your actions speak louder than words.

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You can have an impact on how HIV services succeed in your area. Community planning is one form of volunteerism that brings area leaders and citizens together to plan for our public health future. Meet your local HIV/AIDS organizations and volunteer for events, outreach and community education.

Spread Awareness

Show your support for HIV prevention. Click here for a variety of tools and resources you can download and share with people you care about, helping get the word out to others in your community.

Faith Based Initiatives

Our community doesn’t end with our homes and our immediate family. Community is also where we work, play and worship. Learn about your local faith network and how reaching out within your congregation has a powerful impact on HIV in Florida’s minority neighborhoods.


Need help getting started? We all can use a little guidance on how to turn our knowledge and passion into a roadmap for success in our own community. Click here and We Make The Change will help you take those first steps.

Community Stories

People just like you are doing their part to make our community a better place. They’re living proof that you can change the world one person at a time.

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